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The advent of cloud brings new agility, speed and flexibility to companies. This guide was designed for cloud buyer to understand cloud and how to buy and use it, so they can make better decisions and more clearly identify how cloud fits within their own IT strategies.

The Cloud Computing Customer Council (CCCC) is an end user organization with a mission to promote the use of best practices for realizing business success within Cloud Computing, and to provide education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help senior IT and line of business executives evaluating and making purchasing decisions. The CCCC led by a broad coalition of industry CIO/CxO and practitioners, corporations, associations and other key stakeholders.


• Identify the requirements of Cloud Computing solutions that meet the challenges facing Cloud Computing today and tomorrow.
• Define usage models that support emerging Cloud Computing requirements in an open, industry-standard and multi-vendor fashion.
• Influence industry innovation focus with a collective membership commitment to utilize the alliance¡¯s usage model roadmap to drive purchasing decisions of Cloud Computing solutions.


• Supply a consistent and accurate view of Cloud Computing.
• Be recognized by the industry as the Cloud Computing resource.
• Promote Cloud Computing industry and market development.
• Achieve transparency of cost, service levels and reporting across the ecosystem.


Membership to the CCCC is open to individual and companies interested in leading the cloud revolution. As a member, you have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of colleagues working on cloud issues and solutions.

Individual Member ( For Cloud Buyers - C-level, IT decision makers etc. )

CCCC individual members represent a broad mix of IT professionals worldwide, committed to using the Alliance's usage models to guide their cloud purchase and planning decisions.

Our part of individual members come from:

Our Individual members come from

Corporation Member ( For Cloud Vendors - Cloud infrastructure and software service companies )

CCCC corporation members represent companies that provide cloud solutions and services. They are committed to using the Alliance's usage models as a tool to guide their product planning process. The Platinum and Gold class membership are available for commercial profit based organizations and companies. The Silver is created especially for NOT-FOR-PROFIT institutions, certified educational or government institutions like universities.

Our corporation member and sponsors include:

Our corporation member and sponsors include

Some corporation member as shown above are from the participating companies of Cloud Computing Customer Conference. The sponsors and exhibitors of this event become the corporation members of Cloud Computing Customer Council automatically. The recent new corporation members are not yet to be showed. Your voice is important ¨C we hope you will join us. Find out more.


We welcome you to contact us with your questions, suggestions, ideas and views.

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CCCC is an inclusive group, we want to work with as many of our peers as possible to accomplish our mission of Cloud Computing.

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