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The advent of cloud brings new agility, speed and flexibility to companies. This guide was designed for cloud buyer to understand cloud and how to buy and use it, so they can make better decisions and more clearly identify how cloud fits within their own IT strategies.


Membership to the CCCC is open to individual and companies interested in leading the cloud revolution. As a member, you have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of colleagues working on cloud issues and solutions.

Individual Member ( For Cloud Buyers - C-level, IT decision makers etc. )

CCCC individual members represent a broad mix of IT professionals worldwide, committed to using the Alliance's usage models to guide their cloud purchase and planning decisions.

Corporation Member ( For Cloud Vendors - Cloud infrastructure and software service companies )

CCCC corporation members represent companies that provide cloud solutions and services. They are committed to using the Alliance's usage models as a tool to guide their product planning process. The Platinum and Gold class membership are available for commercial profit based organizations and companies. The Silver is created especially for NOT-FOR-PROFIT institutions, certified educational or government institutions like universities.

Membership Benefits

• Opportunities to promote your company to the industry
• Review the latest market analysis & projections
• Stay up-to-date on cutting-edge technologies
• Participating Annual Conference and General Meeting
• Networking opportunities: By joining one of our Working Committees you are able to work together with experts from all the leading cloud computing related companies. Benefit from new contacts, open discussions and new insights.

Join Now!

• Sent an email to and submit the membership application form.
• Your application is submitted to our membership committee for a formal voting procedure, then final approval is taken by Board of Directors.
• You get a confirmation of your membership and are welcomed as a new member in our organization.

Your voice is important ĘC we hope you will join us.

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